It was in 2014 when the current members of Community of Children’s Rights took this initiative in their personal capacities, when they identified a few cases in the vicinity, arranged meetings with the children and their families to raise awareness and arranged for their education in the locally accessible schools. A few other projects were also undertaken and executed. This is when the idea struck that to serve the purpose and the community, a proper platform is required to make the difference at large and to broaden the horizon for this cause by allowing access to the interested participants from local as well as international community. Therefore, to carry out the mission in much organized way, arrangements were made to set up an officially recognized NGO.


Now, after tireless efforts spanning more than 3 years of time, CCR is an officially recognized NGO licensed under Section 42 of the Companies Act 2017 by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, accountable to all the prestigious relevant monitoring authorities of the Government of Pakistan. Community of Children’s Rights, incorporated on 22 October 2018, is now fully functional and aiming high towards accomplishment of its goals.


Vision and Objectives


Community of Children’s Rights has laid its foundation with the aim of easing access for the deprived class of society to their basic right of education through financial assistance, arranging suitable educational institutes, providing syllabus books and materials including uniforms and accessories needed, allocating stipends, inspirational career counseling at an early stage and creating awareness for the need of education, not only among the students, but their families as well. Special emphasis is being given on assisting the child labor victims to get them out of the vicious circle they have entangled in and ease their access to education with allocation of stipends and to compensate for the income they used to earn.

The core vision of CCR is to see books in hands of the young ones instead of working tools that’s likely to lead them nowhere, but the wilderness of ignorance and apathy towards being productive.


Welcome To CCR,


Today Pakistan is making its way out of socio-economical issues that every developing nation has to face at some point in time during its journey towards prosperity. Society plays a pivotal role in development of the nation.


Now, to me, the education is the key element that matures and aware a society of its duties and enable it of playing such a role.


Pakistan, unfortunately, ranks lower than where it could have been, had some emphasis been given to the education sector by our leaders. As a part of this social negligence and apathy, an enormous amount of the young talent is being wasted for years, which could otherwise be nurtured, educated and trained to serve for a meaningful and productive purpose, eventually contributing to a progressive society.


Nations progress not just because of their economic strength, but of their quality and caliber of education that develops a society. Higher education is a key factor but whats the use of higher education, if the society is deprived of even the basic education. Today more than 27 million children in Pakistan are not getting their basic education.


I always find the sight of children working out on the streets as labourers or vendors, instead of getting their education at this age, is really disturbing. It makes me wonder where this nation, that the world sees as capable of doing wonders, will lead if a major part of our future generation stays deprived of their basic right of education.


It provoked me to take this step and contribute, whatever I can in my capacity, to the society. Today, by the grace of Allah almighty, we have set up this NGO, "Community of Children’s Rights", with the mission of facilitating these deserving and bright children in getting education and eventually seeing them in classrooms instead of the roads or working as labourers.


Keeping in mind the concept of charity begins at home, the NGO has started its operations from South Punjab with the aim of covering whole Pakistan in coming years.


Yours Truly,


Syed Najaf Ali

Founder and CEO


The core vision of CCR is to see books in hands of the young ones instead of working tools that’s likely to lead them nowhere, but the wilderness of ignorance and apathy towards being productive.

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